Mission & Vision

In a world of growing demand to food and safe medicine we want to contribute to a safe and healthy food- and medicine supply.

We develop and produce products of a high quality which have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of human and animal.
We strive to operate production processes which have no negative impact on human and environment. We use best available technologies and innovations with a strong focus on patient - product safety and sustainability.
The quality level of our products are assured by an optimal design of our production processes and a robust quality system.
We want to be a reliable partner to our customers. Therefor we communicate with our customers in a open and pro-active manner. Our employees are actively informed on our customer requirements, to assure the best service to our customers.
Our employees are our most valuable resources. That is way we spend a lot of attention on the development of them during their whole carrier.
The most important values are: professionalism, reliability and sustainability.