Health, Safety and Environment

Dishman Netherlands is fully aware of the impact of their activities on people, animals and the environment. We have and take the responsibility for the reduction and prevention of these impacts.
Our goal is sustainable production

Dishman Netherlands has formulated a clear and transparent policy towards all health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects. This policy has led to full compliance and secondly to a continuous improvement of Dishman Netherlands HSE aspects. Continuous improvement is incorporated in all processes of Dishman Netherlands.

For the most important HSE aspects, targets are set on a yearly basis and these targets are linked to specific actions. The targets are evaluated regularly and adjusted when needed.

The activities and processes of Dishman Netherlands are being continuously evaluated on their impact in health, safety and environment. By standardizing these activities and processes, the impact on these areas can be minimized.

The local community, personnel and our neighbours are our most important stakeholders on health, safety and environment. Dishman Netherlands endeavours to communicate through a transparent, personal and direct way; to stay in contact with these stakeholders.