Dishman Netherlands delivers contract research and contract manufacturing services. We have a highly skilled team with whom you will be in direct contact.

Contract Research
Dishman Netherlands delivers process research services that support the transfer of new products. We can perform research on all unit operations which are available in our facility on production scale. Typical batch sizes here range from 10 mg, on laboratory scale, to 25 kg on pilot scale. Our laboratory facility is compliant to cGMP. We can perform research handling high potent materials.

Contract Manufacturing:
Dishman Netherlands delivers contract manufacturing services. Our facility is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. On a small production scale we can produce under cGMP including high potent materials. A highly skilled team is responsible for the transfer in activities. They have proven track record of managing successful these projects. As a customer you will be in direct contact with this team.

Our technologies are:
- Column chromatography (3 kg silica up to 1500 kg silica)
- UV photochemistry
- Saponification, continuous processing unit
- 2 stainless steel reactors (3,2 m3 and 5 m3)
- Liquid, liquid extraction
- Crystallization
- Drying
- Milling
- Mixing
- Solvent recovery

Services Products: