Cholesterol NF

Cholesterol exists naturally in the human skin. It is our natural protection against outside influences such as dehydration and it regulates the transdermal transport of molecules. The usage of Cholesterol enhances the natural barrier of skin. It both moisturizes and contributes to the health of the skin. Crèmes and lotions benefit from a shiny surface as cholesterol forms liquid crystals during formulation. Cholesterol is used up till 5% in cosmetic and pharmaceutical crèmes and lotions.

Cholesterol NF is used for skin crèmes and lotions.

Its key benefits in these products are:
- Moisturising
- Excellent Emulsifier
- Emolient Properties

Industry Uses:
Cholesterol can be used in different applications in diverse industries such as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industry. In this instance it is for cosmetic industry. We are open for discussion on any new applications for cholesterol.

Fibre drums containing 10, 25 and 50 kg net in plastic foil.

To avoid contamination keep the drums well closed.

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