Cholesterol HP

Some drugs have toxic effects on the healthy parts of our body. Encapsulation of these drugs in lipids (liposome) can be a way to deal with this.

The drug is transported to a targeted area inside the lipid body. Upon arrival at the target area the lipid body releases the drug. By using this mechanism the dosage of drug can often be decreased and so are the side effects. The lipids consist of phospholipids and are stabilized with cholesterol. Both substances are present in the human body and will therefore not be attacked by its defence mechanism.

Cas No. 57-88-5

Cholesterol (GC), in % m/m 99.0 - 101.0
Total sterol (GC), in % m/m ≥ 99.5
Melting range, in Celsius: 147 ¨C 150

Cholesterol HP is used as component of liposome¡¯s for pharmaceutical use as a carrier for medicines and diagnostic substances.

Aluminium laminated bags, packed under nitrogen.

To avoid contamination keep the bags well closed. Cholesterol HP is guaranteed until re-test date if kept in the original, unopened packing.

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