Cholesterol SF

Shrimp Farming:
Cholesterol is an essential ingredient in diets for shrimp farming as it improves the immune system and growth of crustaceans. Two products are offered by Dishman Netherlands Cholesterol SF and Cholesterol XG, which both have the same mode of operation and defined particle size.

Cholesterol SF reduces susceptibility to diseases by strengthening their immune system. Cholesterol improves the food conversion ratio (FCR) by improving the shrimp's weight gain. Shrimps need cholesterol as building block for shrimp tissue needed for the moulding process. Cholesterol cannot be synthesized by the shrimp themselves.

CAS No.57-88-5
Specification description:
Cholesterol (GC), in % : ¡Ý 91
Total sterol (GC), in % : ¡Ý 97
Melting point (end), in ¡æ : approx. 145
Loss on Drying, in % : ¡Ü 0.3

As an ingredient for shrimp feed Cholesterol is an essential molecule for the synthesis of molting hormones, sex hormones, bile acids, vitamin D and is a building block of shrimp tissues. Cholesterol cannot be synthesized by the shrimp and has therefore to be added to the shrimp feed.

Particle size
100% < 1000 microns
98% < 500 microns
80% < 250 microns

Recommended inclusion rate :
Larval feed : 1%
Shrimp feed : 0.3-0.5% depending on growth stage
Cholesterol should be added before extrusion, together with other fatty compounds.

Fibre drums containing 50 kg net in plastic foil.

To avoid contamination keep the drums well closed.

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